Pet Oxygen Therapy Veterinary Service in Boerne, TX

Pet oxygen therapy is not only effective, but it is also generally safe and easy to use.

Pet Oxygen Therapy in Boerne, TX

The hardest thing to see at home is your pet struggling to breathe. At Hill Country Animal Emergency Hospital, we can help them breathe easy with supplemental oxygen not only during exam but also overnight in a kennel specifically designed to increase the oxygen available to your pet.

Pet Oxygen Therapy

Pet Oxygen Therapy

Despite the fact that oxygen treatment can be given in a variety of ways, they must all be done with the patient’s comfort in mind. A dog who is already struggling for breath may enter a crisis if he has difficulty getting oxygen. To reduce stress, the doctor may choose one delivery method over another while keeping this in mind. The goal is to limit yourself as little as possible at all times. In many cases, oxygen therapy is an essential treatment that has the potential to save lives.

However, due to the nature of the illnesses for which therapy is provided, certain fatalities are unavoidable. Short-term oxygen therapy is used to calm the patient and allow for a workup to be performed without escalating the situation. This workup may include collecting radiography or draining fluid from the chest to allow the lungs to expand and breathing to improve.

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